Mariana Bunimov

© Mariana Bunimov


Jungles - Henrique Faria, New York

A noun, cambur, is the seed of this ensemble of seven paintings. Cambur is the word for banana in Venezuela, Mariana Bunimov’s country of origin. The word is charged with memories for her. It designates a childhood treat, the mental imprint of a flavor, associated with a color: a bright yellow that saturates the environment, asserting the abundance of tropical nature. In her Parisian studio, it sounds like a secret (an enigma) and the call of exoticism: a kind of personal talisman…

La beauté sera CONVULSIVE

La beauté sera CONVULSIVE - Galerie Michel Rein, Paris, France

« The world depicted by Mariana Bunimov, born in Caracas (Venezuela) in 1972, puts her interlocutor in the middle of a crossroads where, with no hierarchy or apparent connection, thousands of images hailing as much from her imagination as from her daily round cross paths.